Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update for February , Frame Work

I have not been working too much on the CR, due largely to working on the 86 CR and dismantling and selling parts.  Its unfortunate to me to have to do that to a potential restore bike but at the same time that is where my finances are coming from for my other two projects.  I have ordered mostley parts for the KX with what little income I have had but I am mostley caught up with the other things going on and now can start cleaning up the 87 CR in preperation for puting back together. 

I found and ordered frame paint in the Flash Red color that Honda used in the mid and earlier 80's, it has not arrived yet but I have started sanding down the frame to remove surface rust and smooth out chips in the paint.  I know that most of the restore purists wouldn't do it this way but I don't want to strip it all the way down and recoat with primer and new paint so I am going to over coat it and see how it goes.  Especially since I am planning on riding this bike some, super great paint is not at the top of my list. I want it to look nice but also figure if I really don't like it I can re-do paint any time.

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