Saturday, February 25, 2012

Re-Assembly Begins.

Having finally gotten the frame painted I can now begin that processes of re-assembling the bike.  This is the fun part. I still takes a while to do since most of the cleaning and lubing of old parts takes place just before they are put back on the bike, as well as any painting of parts that might need done.  There are always those things like motors that need painting and fixing before it will be really complete but I will take it as far as possible while waiting for motor parts or whatever else I might need.

Here is the motor with the clutch and the impeller re-installed. I also cleaned the motor cases with solvent then contact cleaner and smoothed out rough spots with  steel wool, then put a coat of hi-temp flat black on as a primer to the gloss black that will be next.

I know some of the restore purists are having fits right now because I didn't take each and every bolt out and split the cases just to do the paint.  Well the cases don't need to be split on this one and I would rather keep it all together.  Also the bolt heads are factory black anyway so its not like they were anodized and would look different.

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