Saturday, December 24, 2011

It Begins

Today being Dec 24th I have some time to tinker, I did a bit on the KX125 project but have to wait for more parts before continuing much more with that project.  So today I pressure washed the 87 CR125 and began the tear down.  As anyone with bikes knows you tend to see a lot of little things that may be wrong with your bike when you do a thorough washing.  As expected I found a few problems but really I can't believe how well preserved this bike is.  I found that the PO had installed the rear brake caliper without hitting the slider mount on the swingarm. Not a problem nothing was ruined because of it.  Also noticed that the right side axle adjuster block is missing. Add that to the parts needed list.  Finally got enough grime off of the sprocket to see what size it is  54 tooth, can you say trail rider?

 Front number plate is a bit rough but wow really didn't see all that much wrong.  So back in the Garage the tear down starts, cleaning and inspecting in the process. I took the time to straighten the subframe at the rear fender so it will sit straight and meet the seat correctly.  Found another part to put on the need list. The air filter is disintegrating in the box.
During this phase of tear down I did discover that the shock spring was completely loose, that's pretty cool because years of tension on them can make them sag out and be under spec. now I have no idea how long it has been backed all the way off but it doesn't really matter cause I'm gonna run it anyway.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 1987 CR125

This bike is really the one that got my interest up in these bikes. I had this same bike in 1987 and was rather fond of it.  For years I have wanted to find one and restore it, a while back I finally started a restore project on a 1986 KX125 (also a bike I previously owned) and knew that at some time I would find the CR125 to do the same.  Didn't really think I would find it before the KX was done but the deal was just too sweet.

In the photo below you can see that the sub frame has been tweaked a bit but these bikes had steel sub frames so I should not have a problem getting this one back into alignment.

  The Chain shows some serious neglect, Lots of rust from sitting in the barn and not being taken care of after rides.  Also the chain is super tight, hope that didn't cause any other issues.
 Also notice in the photos of the frame that there is very little paint worn off at the foot pegs.
This bike still has the original front tire.  Yes it could have been replaced with another K490 but really who in there right mind would put that crap tire back on there if your going to buy a new one.

The 86 CR125

 This bike is in really good shape as far as the chassis, body work, suspension and all that stuff.  The Motor I am thinking is gonna be rough but im sure it can be worked out.  
                  Notice that there is very little paint worn off the frame