Monday, February 20, 2012

Fresh Flash Red Paint

Well I finished the frame Prep and didn't take any photos of it, really not that interesting maybe or the fact that I didn't have the camera with  me and didn't feel like going in and getting it might have some thing to do with no photos.  I used 120 grit wet paper to sand down all the exposed and rusted parts to bare metal then used a worn 220 to go over all the painted areas to scuff the surface. Then cleaned the frame with contact cleaner to remove any oils or dust left over.
Any way I did take photos of the finished product.  I painted the frame outside where it is a damp 45* , out in the wood shed so I wouldn't get red paint dust all over everything in the garage. I didn't feel like going through the effort of building a makeshift paint booth.  Any way the moisture in the air left a chalky white film on the finish as it was drying even after bringing it into the garage with the wood stove going. I used the heat gun to warm the frame up and see if the white would go away when dried and yes it did.  Leaving a very nice glossy flash red finish.

I also prepped and painted the sub frame but have not taken photos of it yet, when I do I will post them on this post.  While I was in the Prep and Paint mode I sanded and painted the foot pegs to a nice glossy black finish.

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