Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starting the Motor

Well not starting as in firing it up, but starting as in getting started on the work that needs done.

I started by pulling the water pump cover off because I could see some green build up from anti-freeze and figured there might be some corrosion going on in there.  In my typical fashion I forgot to take pics of what that all looked like before I dove in and started cleaning it up.  This would all be more interesting if I could remember to do that so you could see actual before and after photos.  So Here it is before but its before I even pulled the cover and you cant see into the water inlet to see the green stuff.  (actually thought I took that photo but, nope)
So here it is after I cleaned all the corrosion out of the impeller housing.
Thankfully the impeller came off very easily, the shaft didn't have any corrosion on it at all.  There is a small pit on the sealing surface at the bottom, you can see it just below the shaft.  There is also a hole corroded all the way through at the bottom of the pump input that is about the size of the tip of a ball point pen.  I cleaned all loose material and corrosion out scraping and spraying with solvent multiple times until all the white and green stuff was gone then used contact cleaner to get rid of any other impurities. Then using good old JB Weld filled in the pits and the hole.  In 24 hours it will be good as new.

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