Friday, February 24, 2012

Motor Check up.

Here is tonight's motor check up.  I got a photo of the motor with the repaired water pump inlet.
Then moved on to cleaning up the outside of the motor cases.  Followed by draining the oil and removing the clutch cover and the clutch.
The Clutch hub is in as good of condition as I suspected judging from the rest of the bike so far.  There is no wear on the edges of the basket which to me is one of the bigger signs of a motors use and abuse over its life.  As  you can see there is some oil left sitting on the hub, I cleaned the gearbox out with solvent and wiped the clutch plates clean before putting it all back together.
Next up tomorrow I will finish cleaning the cases then put a fresh coat of engine paint on even though the wear on the side cover is very minimal in its original state.

I also took a moment to put the sub frame on and the foot pegs.
There is a lot of distraction behind the frame so its a little hard to see.

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