Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chassis Build up Starts as well.

In this post  I have started the chassis re-assembly.  It looks so pretty with fresh paint.
First off I need to clean up the linkage and make sure the bearings are all good and spin nice and free, add grease here please.

Any one Remember these?  Needle bearings with no keeper, they just sit in a little race inside the housing.  These came out nice no grease to speak of so I am surprised they are not rusted. They will have lots of grease when they go back in.

The needles hold in there nicely with grease so you can get them in and all lined up. Packed with grease and ready for the pin.

This one doesn't look so good, its only 3.5 inches away from the other one and its full of rust.  The Bad part is its rusted, the Good part is it can be cleaned up and used.

There it is cleaned up and ready to put back into service.  Load up with grease and its good as new. I also did the lower dog bone linkage, it looked a lot like the first one in this post.

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