Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fuel Tank Refinishing.

It is time to start working on the CR again, I started today with the fuel tank refinishing. I had done the fenders last winter and a few weeks ago I did the shrouds and side panels.  Today I ordered the new piston kit and a new bearing for the top end, I have to save up a bit of cash to get the cylinder work done.  With any luck and some good ebay sales it wont take too long. 

The first photo is the untouched tank, you can see some of the scratches, they give off a glare in the photo.

In the second photo you can just make out the start of the finish process.
 I started with a 320 paper on this tank because the scratches were not very deep. 
Then used 400 and 600 if you decide to do this, don't make circles with the sand paper, they are harder to get out and show up easier.  Use long motions in straight lines, cross your patterns every once in a while with each grit of paper.

The third photo is also before starting at another angle to see the scratches.
This is after the 600 grit followed by two coats of clear,

Same in this photo, after a good long cure (at least 24hrs) I will go back over the tank with 2000 grit (all sanding is done wet) then a final coat of clear.

Below are the shrouds that I refinished last week. Today I put the graphics on. Really happy with how they turned out.