Sunday, January 27, 2013

CR125 Seat Refinished

I had posted a photo of the new seat cover I ordered a week ago or so and finally got to put it on this weekend.  The cover fit great but I struggled with getting the staples to go into the seat pan.  When I did the seat on the KX I didn't run into this problem, the staples went right into the pan no problem.  I think the plastic on the CR pan is much harder than the KX.  I got it to work but it is not as clean on the bottom as the first one that I did.  If anyone knows of a heavy duty stapler that can set a staple into hard surfaces maybe you could shoot me a message and let me know.  Right now I am just using a ET50 Stanley electric stapler.

This photo really shows the only reason for replacing the seat cover, its a pretty bad rip. There is one other very small hole as well but it would have been cool to be able to use the original cover.

The cover came off clean except where the PO super glued the rip to the foam.  Its not bad tho only took a small layer off the top of the foam.

Even the bottom of the cover where it wraps under the pan was in great shape, no tears under the edges.

The New cover.  It looks nice!

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