Sunday, January 27, 2013

CR125 Pipe Dents

The Pipe Off this 87 CR125 Is really in pretty good shape given that it is 26 years old.  Not too many bikes make it that long let alone most of the parts like a pipe that often would get smashed in a tip over crash.  I actually want to put an aftermarket unit on it. Back in 87 I had Pro Circuit pipes on my Hondas and would like to go that route.  Until I can find a suitable unit I will be using the stock one but needed to take this dent out best I could. 

The Dents came out very nicely. You can still see some wrinkle in the pipe up close but once I get a new coat of Satin Black on there it will look pretty darn nice.

I used the Pressurization technique, had to build some plugs of different sizes with schrader valves in them to ad air,  then used my torch to heat the areas I wanted to bring dents out of and it worked great. 

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