Saturday, January 12, 2013

Progress Resumes

Finally I have gotten back to working on this project.  It has taken some time to complete the KX125 Project (still waiting on finish decals) but it is time to get this thing done.  I sent the cylinder out to be bored and a new +.5mm piston fit to it.  Ill have photo report on that when it comes back in a week or so.  Here I have a photo of the new seat cover that I ordered almost a month back. It is custom made so it takes a little while to get it once ordered but I did the same for the KX and it turned out great.

The cover came from an ebay seller in Gresham, Or. jrocksqueen2006/ on ebay if you need a cover look it up.

I hope to have time to put this on in the next couple days and I will post up those photos as well.
I have ordered a couple other smaller parts to get things moving along, air filter cage and a filter, no need for photos there though.

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  1. Hi, I read about your technique for removing dents from the pipe, great idea. I wonder if this would work with metal gas tanks? I have a 1975 Yamaha MX125b that I'm restoring but the tank has seen better days and I've been wondering about the best way to bring it back. Have you done any tanks this way?