Sunday, February 3, 2013

CR125 Top End and Re-Assembly

I finally have all the parts assembled to put the top end back together and make this bike look like it belongs in one piece again.

I sent the cylinder out to a company in Texas called Rat Racing and thanks to Tom it came back looking beautiful and ready to go back together.  Tom helped me get the right size piston and I wanted to keep it to as close to std bore as possible so he took all the measurements and decided that we could go .5mm over and clean up the cylinder perfectly with that size.

New Base Gasket.


Cylinder on, Piston arrow forward...Ready.

These two strokes go back together pretty easy, especially after you have done a couple four stroke bikes, the only tricky part can be getting the power valve put in correctly and the one on this bike is an easy one so it didn't take long to put it together.

All bolts Torqued down with new gaskets installed, valve linkage installed ready to put the covers back on.
Valve covers on, ATAC chamber installed .

Hoses installed, top motor mounts torqued, ready for exhaust.
Stock Exhaust with a couple little wrinkles, I'm on the lookout for a nice Pro Circuit system for it.  Worst part of that is I had one in my dads barn a couple years back I ran across it, now it has gone missing.
Plastics back on, looking good. 
Chain and Sprockets ordered today.  Have to wait a bit for money to order tires, also need to find the proper prolink decal for the swing arm and a good intake manifold because mine has a crack all the way through and the one that I ordered and got in ups yesterday is not the correct model.
After sitting on that work table for just over a year, the CR has moved to a proper bike stand and is ready for tires.

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