Monday, May 6, 2013


Its been a while since I have posted to my project however there were only a few things left to do after the last post. Those items have been completed and I got the bike out in the sun to take a few photos. Clicking on any of the photos will give you a large version to click through as a slide show.

First Day in the Shop December 2011

Complete May 2013

This CR125 Is as orginal as I could make it. All the plastics are original 1987 plastics as are all frame and motor parts except piston and rings. The tires, chain and sprockets are aftermarket parts as well as handle bars, but the wheels are original. The seat cover is reproduction of original equipment.

This last few shots are with the KX125 that I restored along side the CR over the last couple years, also complete. Check it out here .

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