Saturday, March 3, 2012

CR125 restore Photo update.

Lets take a photo look at the progress made today.

I started by making some new gaskets for the water pump housing and putting those in place along with the pump cover.

Then I moved on to Dropping the freshly painted bottom end of the motor into the frame.

Then I moved on to cleaning and inspecting the shock to make sure everything was in fine operational condition. At some point I will have the oil changed in the shock but for now it is serviceable. I removed the seals from the top bushing and cleaned it out and re greased it, then put seals back in place. Also played with the clickers while the shock spring was removed to see if they worked properly, and yes they do.  Finally I mounted the shock in place.  I like how the blue looks with the flash red paint.

I finally got around to cleaning up and greasing the head bearings as well as cleaning the clamps and putting them back on the frame.

Glancing around the work bench I turned my attention to the rear master cylinder and the caliper. It seemed a bit froze up. As I pumped the brake pedal in my hand it didn't do anything at the caliper so what else does a person do? Tear it apart and give it a good servicing.  Started by draining all the old oil out, it was a bit more brown then it should have been.  Then washed solvent through hoses and master cylinder all the way through the caliper till it ran clean.  Then put new oil in the system and bleed that through to get the air out. Also cleaned the outside of the hoses, caliper, master cylinder and reservior. Put it all back together and mounted it to the bike.

Also cleaned and mounted all the electrical components.
Its fun to watch things go back to gether.

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