Sunday, March 11, 2012

CR Fork Oil

Today's update is a little slim, things have slowed a bit as I wait for items on ebay to sell so I have more project money.  Actually I have paid for my project bike as of this week and I have some reserves in the account however I also have some very large (large as in expensive, tires, sprockets and chains, Piston kit) items to purchase so I have to save up a few more dollars.  Much of the cash is going toward the KX project until that one is finished. Its getting close. .  Now on to the CR.

Here is the Oil that I took out of the forks, its a bit grey and murky.  The strange thing was when I was draining the oil it ran clean toward the end of draining and looked pretty good.  My conclusion is that it has sat for so long that the contaminates settled to the bottom.

After I drained the forks I let them sit for a couple days then took the plugs out and drained them one more time to see if any more had run to the bottom.  Then I put several ounces of solvent in and shook that around and pumped them up and down and drained that. It came out pretty dirty and gritty so I did that until the solvent was not so dirty after which I let them sit opened up at the top and bottom to dry the solvent out.  
To replace the old oil I put in 600cc of the nice green Bel-Ray Fork oil that you see in the Photo above.
Back on the Frame they go, Its starting to look like a bike again.

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