Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 1987 CR125

This bike is really the one that got my interest up in these bikes. I had this same bike in 1987 and was rather fond of it.  For years I have wanted to find one and restore it, a while back I finally started a restore project on a 1986 KX125 (also a bike I previously owned) and knew that at some time I would find the CR125 to do the same.  Didn't really think I would find it before the KX was done but the deal was just too sweet.

In the photo below you can see that the sub frame has been tweaked a bit but these bikes had steel sub frames so I should not have a problem getting this one back into alignment.

  The Chain shows some serious neglect, Lots of rust from sitting in the barn and not being taken care of after rides.  Also the chain is super tight, hope that didn't cause any other issues.
 Also notice in the photos of the frame that there is very little paint worn off at the foot pegs.
This bike still has the original front tire.  Yes it could have been replaced with another K490 but really who in there right mind would put that crap tire back on there if your going to buy a new one.

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